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Got a question? Get it answered here.

Can I purchase my tickets online?

Yes. Tickets can be purchased in advance on this website at a discount. After purchasing, you'll receive instructions on how to print them. You must bring the printed tickets to the main gate to receive your festival wristband and gain entry.

What time can I arrive each day?

Gates open at 2:30PM on Friday and 9:30AM on Saturday.

Can I bring a folding chair or blanket for viewing the show?

Yes. Feel free to bring your folding chair and a small blanket to make you and your family comfortable during the festival. No large tarps, please. And no umbrellas attached to chairs as they block the view of people around you.

Can children attend for free?

Yes. Children 10 and under are free, as long as they are accompanied by their parent or guardian.

Can I bring an ice chest?

No. Ice chests are NOT allowed on the festival grounds, EXCEPT in the Tent City Camping and RV Camping areas by paid camper patrons.

Can I bring my own food or beverages from the outside or home?

No. We have some of the best food and beverages (including adult beverages) you'll find in the region, if not the entire country. You carry and tote bags are subject to search by security personnel upon entering the park.

Can I have an umbrella open or attached to my chair?

No. Open umbrellas will not be allowed in the stage viewing areas, either held or attached to chairs, as they block the view of those around you.

Can I bring my dog or other pet?

No. Pets are not allowed in the festival area, except authorized service animals.

Can I campaign for a candidate or a cause that is important to me?

No. Campaigning for a candidate for office or demonstrating or protesting for or against a political or religious cause is not permitted. This is a music festival. We want EVERYONE – regardless of which candidate they may support, or which cause or political issue they may be for or against – to enjoy the show. Let’s leave the politics at home, please.

Can I take flash photography?

No. Typically flash photography is banned at concerts at night. Many artists outright ask that there be no flash photography anyway. There are a number of problems that it causes. Particularly, it distracts those around you from enjoying the show. We realize that some people forget that their flash on their smartphone is on and they accidentally set off their flashes. If we see it repeatedly, that individual could be asked to leave. And with professional cameras, this is particularly frowned upon and the offender will be asked to leave.

How should I dress?

Dress comfortably as the weather could be hot or even rainy. Bring sunscreen or a hat. However, one must also dress appropriately as this is a family event. See our ticketing terms and conditions for more information.

Do I need a festival ticket if I have purchased a camping reservation?

Yes. All attendees in the park during the festival must have either a general admission ticket or VIP Experience ticket. You can purchase both general admission tickets and VIP Experience tickets on our ticket purchase page. To make camping reservations, visit our camping page.

Can I run a generator in the tent camping area?

No. Power generators are not allowed in the Tent City Camping area. It is our goal to preserve the serenity of mother nature and to allow all our campers to enjoy the experience free from noise pollution. We feel it is best when you can hear the music in distance and just relax.

Can I fly my drone over or near the festival?

No. We have instituted a no-fly-zone for private drone or other remote-controls aerial devices over Cassidy Park (or within 1,000 yards of the city's property) during the festival, except by authorized personnel representing the festival.

What items can't I bring or what is on your contraband list?

Here are the most important items that are banded from the park. Contraband is not limited to this list and is ultimately determined by festival officials based on the spirit or intent of our rules and terms.

Items NOT allowed:

  • Alcohol from outside

  • Food from outside.

  • Glass or glass bottles

  • Pets (except designated service animals)

  • Open Umbrellas (in the stage viewing area)

  • Large Tarps (small blankets are perfectly fine)

  • Generators

  • Firearms or weapons (we have an overwhelming security force present for your safety)

  • Drones or remote-controlled aerial devices.

  • Fireworks or explosive devices

  • Sound systems

  • Gazebos or tents (outside the paid tent camping area)

  • Nudity

What do the colored bracelet bands mean?

All festival attendees must have a wristband in order to be in the park during the festival. The bands are distributed when ticket holders are admitted at the main gate. The colors correspond to the type of ticket you purchased. Our volunteers and vendors also have special colors to identify them as well.

What is your refund policy?

All ticket sales are final. There shall be no ticket refunds and/or ticket exchanges. This event is "Rain or Shine." This event is "Standing Room Only." Festival organizers reserve the right, without the obligation to refund any portion of the ticket purchase price, to refuse entry to any person or to eject any person deemed to be behaving in a manner that is unlawful and/or disruptive to the event or other ticket holders and/or who violates festival rules and/or our FAQ listed here or our ticketing terms and conditions listed here.

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