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Make a donation to rebuild playground

As we all know by now, Cassidy Park - the home of the Bogalusa Blues & Heritage Festival - was devastated in the history March 2016 flood.

The raging waters swept through the park taking many of its landmarks and features with it.

Local officials have done amazing work in the seven months since the waters retreated. Most of the park has been restored.

However, there is one very noticeable exception - the playground equipment. It's going to take approximately $150,000 to restore the playground equipment to its previous condition.

Most locals would tell you that the playground is one of the main reasons their families frequent this beautiful park.

We at the Bogalusa Blues & Heritage Festival want to get the ball rolling with donations to restore the playground.

We ask for your generosity - in whatever amount you see fit - to help us help the City of Bogalusa meet its goal to have the playground restored! You can give as little as a dollar, or as much as you like.

Make a donation today to help rebuild Cassidy Park's playground equipment that was destroyed by the March 2016 flood. These donations are tax-deductible as BBHF is a 501(c)3 organization.

Clicking the DONATE NOW button will take you to our ticket page. Scroll down among the tickets until you see the "Donate to Rebuild Cassidy Park Playground" donation ticket.

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