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2022 Festival Poster and Artist

Check out the festival poster along with the artist Ann Warner.  Below are her comments regarding the poster and the festival.

"Preparing to paint the Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival poster was a time of listening to good blues music.  Ruthie Foster was one of the artists I especially enjoyed.  Her mellow voice and her great band filled my painting studio as I planned my painting.  I became a fan.  The painting had to be of my muse, Ruthie Foster.

I got Ruthie's permission to use her likeness, and the 2022 Blues and Heritage poster resulted from my plan.

I look forward to meeting Ruthie Foster and listening to her at the upcoming Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival in September 23-24, 2022.  Join me to enjoy this Washington Parish event."

Ann Warner

BBHF 2022 Poster.jpg
Poster Artist.jpg
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